Terms of Service

1. Scope of application

The following general terms and conditions regulate all legal transactions and business relations between Linktora.com and its contractual partners. These terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions between Linktora.com and its contractual partners, unless deviating agreements have been made by individual contractual regulations.
In this case, the individual contractual regulations take precedence. 
Linktora.com provides the following services, among others, within the scope of its entrepreneurial activities:
- Sale of guest articles and content - Consulting and services in the field of SEO.

2. Contracts

Contractual relationships between Linktora.com and its clients come into being through the placing and acceptance of an order by Linktora.com.
The acceptance of an order will be confirmed to the client by e-mail. For this purpose, Linktora.com collects the e-mail address of the client and uses it for communication with the same.
The subject matter of the contract as well as specific activities, tasks and duties arising from the contractual relationship will be agreed upon in advance between Linktora.com and the client and described in a binding manner in the order confirmation.
By placing an order with Linktora.com, a service relationship is established, but not an employment contract. 
Such a contract is explicitly not intended and is in no way established by the acceptance of an order. Linktora.com works for different clients and takes care of any taxes and/or social security contributions within the scope of its entrepreneurial obligations.

3. Duration and end of the contractual relationship

Contracts shall commence at the agreed point in time and shall end at the defined end point in time or upon completion of the commissioned service to the agreed extent. Termination without notice before fulfillment of the contract is possible for both parties if there are legal reasons that justify termination without notice and / or make it impossible to continue the contractual relationship.
 Important reasons can be
Default of payment by the client Insolvency or insolvency of the client, provided that insolvency proceedings have not yet been opened Solicitation of criminal acts or services

4. Scope of services

The services to be rendered by Linktora.com comprise the agreed tasks, activities and/or results within the scope of the fulfillment of the order, which Linktora.com has confirmed to the client in writing. 
Services beyond the scope of this agreement require formal assignment and acceptance as well as written confirmation by Linktora.com. Changes to the service requirements must also be made in writing. Verbal side agreements are generally considered invalid, unless they are confirmed in writing by Linktora.com and thereby legitimized.
Insofar as contract services must be bound to deadlines or time limits, these can be set down in writing in the contract. If no written agreement is made, the service will be considered as not having been scheduled. In the aforementioned case Linktora.com cannot be in default with the performance of services.
Unless otherwise agreed upon, Linktora.com will provide equipment, software and personnel for the provision of services. Agreements deviating from this must be made in writing.
The client is solely responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. Linktora.com expressly does not undertake any legal review of orders placed. By placing an order, the client assures Linktora.com not to use Linktora.com for legally unfair projects or projects that violate morals and good customs. 
If Linktora.com becomes aware of any violation of this clause, Linktora.com is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship without notice and to charge for the partial services rendered to date. Should Linktora.com be unable to provide the contractually agreed service, should an impossibility of service occur or be imminent, it will immediately inform the client of this fact.

Responsible for the provision of the service, unless otherwise agreed, is the branch office closest to the customer.

5. Contractual obligations of the parties

Both contracting parties shall support each other to the best of their knowledge and belief in the execution of concluded contracts and the performance of contractual service obligations, by providing necessary information, information and/or experience. 
Both parties support a smooth and efficient workflow. Linktora.com has the right to terminate an order with immediate effect if an order violates any of the contents of point 6.
Should the service provision be impossible for a reason that is not the responsibility of Linktora.com and/or cannot be influenced by Linktora.com, this does not give rise to any right of recourse on the part of the client.

6. Inadmissible commissioning

Linktora.com reserves the right to refuse assignments, to terminate already accepted assignments without notice or to refuse partial services if they are inadmissible according to the following criteria:
 - Pornographic or inappropriately suggestive material, especially if it depicts minors in a sexual context or encourages sexually motivated services.
 - Material which incites to commit criminal offences, bodily harm or damage to property or to influence public order and/or security in a threatening manner. This includes material that organizes, trivializes or actively supports the aforementioned.
 - Material that supports, encourages or trivializes assault, bullying or harassment.
 - Material that supports, promotes, or trivializes drug use. This includes material that is in the context of the sale of unlawful or criminally relevant substances.
 - Material that incites, trivializes, supports, organizes or approves of incitement to hatred, especially sedition.
 - Material which violates intellectual property, individual rights of natural or legal persons or organizations.
 - Material that violates data protection laws, does not respect the handling of personal data or incites or encourages violations in this context.
 - Material which is intentionally misleading, in particular material which fulfils the offence of deceiving consumers with intent.
 - Material which is in any way related to illegal information or content.
 - Material which is commissioned in connection with the sale, acquisition, trivialization or glorification of firearms by private individuals.
Linktora.com reserves the right to extend the aforementioned points, to apply them at any time also in interpretation to unlawful orders and to inform the client about this at any time.

7. Right of revocation and consequences of revocation

The execution of the orders will be started by Linktora.com immediately after placing the order according to point 2 of the general terms and conditions. A revocation on a placed order is no longer possible.

8. Guarantee and warranty

Unless otherwise agreed upon in individual contracts, Linktora.com provides a 12-month warranty on placed guest articles. This does not affect any legal warranty obligations. 
If a guest article is removed or deleted within twelve months, Linktora.com will refund the money in full. A warranty claim also exists if a link is no longer visible and/or accessible within twelve months due to a change in the visibility settings of a forum or post. Any conditions deviating from this must be made in writing.

9. Prices and payment modalities

The parties shall agree on a fixed price for the provision of the agreed services in individual contracts. All prices are net prices and do not include the statutory value added tax at the applicable rate. Basically Linktora.com offers payment by credit card, Paypal, SEPA mandate as well as bank transfer. Linktora.com reserves the right not to offer certain payment methods and to refer to other payment methods for each order.
For SEPA direct debits, the pre-notification is reduced to five days.
Unless otherwise agreed upon between the parties in an individual contract, Linktora.com will begin with the execution of the agreed upon service immediately after the customer has communicated all information necessary for the execution of the service and the receipt of the fixed price or an advance payment agreed upon in the individual contract on the agreed upon bank account. The bank details will be communicated to the customer in or immediately after completion of the order process. If the payment method Paypal is selected, the payment process can be started and processed at the end of the order process via a corresponding button link.
If the agreed fixed price is not received by Linktora.com within 14 days after the invoice date, Linktora.com is entitled to withdraw from the contract. If a service cannot be provided for reasons for which third parties (e.g. publishers) are responsible, or if the service cannot be provided within the period agreed upon in the individual contract, the customer will receive a credit note for the amounts paid to the credit account set up for him/her at Linktora.com, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in the individual contract. Linktora.com. will inform the customer about the non-occurrence of the service and the crediting of the credit account.
The credit balance on the credit account will be offset against the customer's next order with Linktora.com. Furthermore, the customer has the right to have the credit balance on the credit account refunded by Linktora.com at any time.

10. Assumption of liability

Linktora.com is liable for the service tasks taken over by it within the scope of intent, gross negligence and according to legal regulations. If guarantees are given within the framework of individual contractual agreements, the liability for this is assumed depending on the guarantee. 
Liability for slight negligence shall be assumed exclusively in accordance with statutory provisions, violation of essential contractual obligations or injury to health, body or life. Possible claims for damages in case of slight, negligent violation of essential contractual obligations is limited to the damages that can be proven or can be safely expected from the contractual relationship.
If Linktora.com commissions vicarious agents, Linktora.com is liable for them to the same extent. In the area of SEO activities Linktora.com is not liable for ranking deteriorations, penalty by search engines or negative effects of the activity. 
The necessary specifications, fully comprehensive provision of all required information and assessment of risks are the sole responsibility of the client, which is why the client is also solely responsible for the risk of SEO activities. The liability regulations extend to damages instead of performance, damages in addition to performance and the compensation of futile expenses, regardless of the basis of claim. This includes liability due to impossibility, delay or any kind of material defects.

11. Secrecy

(1) Linktora.com is obligated to maintain secrecy about all facts that become known to it in connection with its activities for the customer. Disclosure to third parties not involved in the execution of the order may only take place with the written consent of the customer.
(2) Linktora.com undertakes to oblige all persons employed by it for the execution of the order to comply with this regulation.
12. place of jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Florida in the USA, unless otherwise agreed upon in an individual contract.

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